Buildings serve several needs of society – primarily as shelter from weather, security, living space, privacy, to store belongings, and to comfortably live and work. A building as a shelter represents a physical division of the human habitat (a place of comfort and safety) and the outside (a place that at times may be harsh and harmful

).Martec Building Construction

Agricultural Building

Peters Building have been supplying agricultural buildings for nearly as long as the company has been in business.
We have capability in-house to carry out work from the supply of a basic “kit” steel-frame building, to a complete build package, for a variety of uses from livestock housing to crop storage.

Basement/Cellar Conversions

Instead of using precious building land around your home, losing valuable outdoor space and incurring high building costs, long delays and a lot of construction mess, why not make use of your cellar?
Create the space you require and increase the value and investment of your home by undertaking a basement conversion.
Sourcing specialist materials, textures, fixtures and fittings, providing detailed architectural drawings, dealing with all the relevant authorities for planning permissions and building regulations, right down to the finishing touches – Peters Building help you create the rooms you want and the space you need.

Brick/Concrete Structural Repairs

Approved applicators for all leading material manufacturers, we are able to offer a fully comprehensive service specialising in the repair and strengthening of concrete, masonry and brickwork using the latest techniques and materials.


Peter’s Building build and repair walls, chimney stacks, tunnel linings and decorative stonework like archways. They might also refurbish brickwork and masonry on restoration projects.


We are a London based specialist brickwork company offering the finest modern and traditional brickwork and pointing. We provide extremely high quality brickwork services from highly skilled, qualified, experienced and dedicated craftsmen. We are renowned for our high quality lime pointing repairs and our ability to match existing brickwork.


Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements, or for aesthetic purposes. Cladding does not necessarily have to provide a waterproof condition but is instead a control element. This control element may only serve to safely direct water or wind in order to control run-off and prevent infiltration into the building structure. Cladding applied to windows is often referred to as window capping and is a very specialized field.

General Building

For example if Mr Smith wanted an extensoin build we can take the project from foundation to finish, which would include doing Brickwork , Insurlation , Plumbing, Plasteringworks etc . This saves my customers having to deal with several different contractors and having the headache of trying to get different contractors on site at the right time. Instead they just have to deal with us and we ensure that everybody is on site as and when required.


Peters Building has been providing Groundworks, Landscaping and Demolition services for contractors, developers and even other demolition firms for a number of years.
There is no substitute for experience and at Peters Building we pride ourselves on the fact that many of our team of demolition experts and groundworkers have been with the company for many years.
We believe that you want a company which can be trusted to get on with the project and when necessary, deal with the unexpected without delay.

Loft Conversions

Peter’s Building are specialists in Loft Conversions, Extensions and House Refurbishments with many years of experience. If you are looking to extend, convert or even create space within your property we can offer a complete and personal service with attention to detail, innovative ideas and competitive prices.

Partition Walls

Partition walls may be constructed of steelpanels, bricks or blocks from clay, terra-cotta or concrete, reinforced, or hollow. Glass blocks may also be use.
They may also be constructed from sheet glass. Glass partition walls are a series of individual toughened glass panels, which are suspended from or slide along a robust aluminium ceiling track. The system does not require the use of a floor guide, which allows easy operation and an uninterrupted threshold.

Project Management

Peter’s Building Construction project managers lead, manage and control all construction operations. Our primary role is to ensure that construction projects are completed on-time and within budget. We identify and control resources and ensure quality standards and safety requirements are met.


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience from a broad range of projects within Refurbishment, Construction, Ground Works and Building Maintenance. Our expertise in delivering high quality projects goes hand in hand with our attention to detail, customer service, communication, and commitment to exceed expectations before, during and after the project.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings have become one of the most important aspects of interior design within buildings today. The spaces where we work, relax, study or spend leisure all need to be designed with the right levels of acoustics and lighting to create healthy environment.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction aims at reducing the environmental impact of a building over its entire lifetime, while optimizing its economic viability and the comfort and safety of its occupants.

Under Pinning

Underpinning may be accomplished by extending the foundation in depth or in breadth so it either rests on a more supportive soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area. Use of micropiles and jet grouting are common methods in underpinning. An alternative to underpinning is the strengthening of the soil by the introduction of a grout, including expanding urethane-based engineered structural resins.

Underpinning may be necessary where P class (problem) soils in certain areas of the site are encountered.

Wall Tie Replacements

There are two reasons why one might need replacement wall ties. The first is when the walls of a cavity wall structure have been built defectively. For example where the original built-in tie installation system has been incorrectly fitted, fitted with ties that are too short or fitted with ties at incorrect spacings. The second is where the original cavity tie system comprises metal connectors that exhibit corrosion.